HIVM Board of Directors (August 2019)
The HIVM board of directors was reorganized in 2005 to give our organization a market focus.  We brought in vet and non-vet members from the community who possessed valuable professional skills and experience, and who supported HIVM’s development plans.  HIVM’s all-volunteer board of directors has worked to implement a combined medical outpatient clinic/veterans service center and an affordable senior independent living community for senior veterans, for their spouses and other income-eligible residents.

Members over the years since then have brought experience and expertise in the areas of real estate investment and development, law, architecture, engineering, construction, finance and banking, accounting, sales, marketing, advertising, management, medical services, web design and technology, entrepreneurship, and land use planning.  Our dedicated all-volunteer board members provide wide-ranging experience and skills in implementing the mission of HIVM.   

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