Current Status of Our CBOC Project

February 15, 2019

Recently Sen Schatz, informed us that the US congress recently appropriated $10M in capital assets for the USDVA
for design and construction of a one-stop Combined Veterans Center and CBOC for Hilo. These funds were released
to the USDVA’s Design and Engineering Department’s procurement section for the purpose of preparing an RFP to be
released for competitive bid. How far along they are in this process, and when the RFP will be released, is not yet known.

Meanwhile, now that our RM-1 zoning was approved for another 10 years. We resubmitted our application for final-plan
approval of our design and engineering  plans for the proposed Combined Veterans Center and CBOC on our lower acre+
parcel. This is expected to be quickly approved by the county. At that point our project will be ready for construction with
all infrastructural improvements made and all utility entitlements secured. We will then be in a position to submit a
winning bid on any and all RFP bid solicitations issued for such a project.


Realistic rendering below of proposed VA CBOC and Veterans Center
front pers[ective - proposed CBOC





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